Building/Scaffold Containments

Here projects require the building or scaffold to be contained we can supply and install an approved shrink wrap plastic containment sheet that is placed over the scaffold framework or building and when held, place is heat treated to form a strong and very resilient containment.

Generally with containments we introduce HEPA extraction fans these create a negative pressure environment within the containment, this negative air pressure only adds to the containments resilience and it is only abnormal and extreme weather conditions that would affect the containments integrity.

These types of containments have been used with great success on the ACT Governments ‘Loose Fill’ Residential Remediation Programme where we installed on well over two hundred homes. We have also used this system on number of large Heritage structures i.e. Australian War Memorial. The National Film & Sound Archive as well as many smaller works where asbestos/lead removal contained conditions were required.


Project Example

Building Containments 11
The photographs below show a number of buildings on different projects that required to be fully contained mainly due to the known presence of friable loose fill asbestos residues within.
Building Containments 2
Generally this type of containment is of the ‘Shrink Wrap’ system and does not require, in most cases additional support framework, once the sheeting is draped over the structure and fixed at the base, then the heat is applied making a taught and ‘air tight’ containment.
Building Containments 3
In these cases negative pressure and decontamination units were introduced and sealed to the sheet, the size of the buildings containment volume detailed below range from 1000m3 – 5000m3.








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