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School Wall Cladding Pre Asbestos Removal
School Wall Cladding Post Asbestos Removal

To remove asbestos legally the company requires one of two licences, Class ‘A’ (Friable) which allows the removal of any type of asbestos and Class ‘B’ (non friable ex bonded) which allows for the removal of non friable asbestos only. 

Friable Asbestos includes but not limited to:

Pipe & Vessel Insulation

Sprayed insulation

Millboard Dusts that Contain Asbestos

Asbestos Rope Gaskets/Expansion Joints



Non Friable Asbestos includes but not limited to:

Roof Sheeting

Wall Cladding

Vinyl Tiles

Gasket Seals (solid)

Internal Wall & Ceiling Linings

Eave Sheeting


The list for products that contain asbestos is well over 300 items.

We use state of the art German designed hardware to assist with the removal of all asbestos contaminants.




Empire Contracting is licensed to remove all types of asbestos both in NSW & the ACT, however the new National OHS ‘Harmonisation’ laws allows for currently operate in every State & Territory within Australia. Click here get a Quote.




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